The Unstoppable Muscle Method

5 Steps to Transform Your Body

Calvin Huyhn

Presented by Calvin Huyhn,
Head Coach of Unstoppable

Adele Frizzell LLC

This webinar is for:
  • People who want to build a sculpted body
  • People with gym (weight training) experience
  • People who are frustrated by their lack of progress in the gym
It covers:
  • How our clients continue to build strength and muscle even as older adults.
  • Why the exercise you choose might not be training the muscle you want.
  • How to pair exercises that will guarantee muscle growth in key areas
  • ​How to select exercises that build the most muscle with the least drawback.
  • ​How to manipulate your training frequency to maximize stubborn body parts that don’t seem to grow.
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This webinar is 26 minutes long.
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